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WHO Confirms Over 6,000 Cases Of Monkeypox Worldwide

More than 6,000 monkeypox cases have been confirmed in labs worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, which also noted two further deaths in areas of Africa where the virus has been circulating for years.

The majority of the reported cases came from Europe and Africa. The mysterious outbreak, according to the U.N. health agency, continues to primarily affect men who have had sex with other men, with no evidence of sustained transmission among other population groups.

As of Monday, the WHO reported 6,027 monkeypox cases from 59 countries, an increase of 2,614 cases over its previous total for the week ending June 27. According to the report, three people have already passed away related to the outbreak, all of them in Africa.

According to the organization, ten countries had not reported any new cases for more than three weeks—the maximum incubation period—while nine additional countries had recorded instances.

The extent and spread of the virus continue to worry WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who noted that more than 80% of cases have been found in Europe. The WHO expert group that is monitoring the outbreak, he announced, would meet again no later than the week of July 18.

The most common symptoms of monkeypox include fever, body pains, chills, and exhaustion. Lesions on the hands and face that can spread to other regions of the body might also appear in people with more severe illnesses, along with rashes.

In some regions of Africa, where rats and other small animals commonly bite people, the illness is prevalent. Typically, the monkeypox virus does not spread quickly among people.

In May, cases started to surface in Europe and the US. The virus was transmitted by several people who had visited abroad.

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