August, 19

Insecurity In Nigeria: Who Will End It?

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A lot of countries in the world face insecurity challenges, so there is nothing new about the one we are facing in the country. But the question on the lips of every rational Nigerian is: since this issue of insecurity has been ravaging the country for so long, what do we need to put an end to Insecurity in Nigeria? Or moved away from this question of what to do is another similar one–the question of who?

A lot of terrorism movements have been ravaging the country before the advent of Boko Haram, ISWAP, and Fulani herdsmen. The Yar’Adua-led administration did its best to end the Niger Delta Militancy, and to date, their activities have been reduced to a minimal level.

Shortly after the death of Yar’Adua, Goodluck Jonathan took over, and he strived in all his might to end insecurity, but there was no end in sight. The then President continued his fight against terrorism till his administration ended.

Then the present administration sets in, and for many Nigerians, President Buhari is a savior who was on time. For them, since he was a retired Military Officer, he has the required tactics to end insecurity or reduce their activities to the barest minimum. But their hopes were immediately dashed because it is under this administration that terrorism has risen to over 200%.

So, when rational Nigerians ask who then is capable of ending insecurity in the country, try to understand that they need a genuine answer.

During this administration, an army officer was kidnapped from the Nation’s Defence Academy. Wasn’t this going too far? Not just that, Alex Badeh, a former Defence Minister was killed by unknown gunmen in this same administration, in the Federal Capital Territory. Time will fail us to mention how even men of the Armed Forces were subdued.

About three days ago, a reliable source told our Abuja Correspondence how three officers who were returning from their two-week pass were kidnapped on their way back to their duty stations. So, if the men of the forces are vulnerable, what then is the fate of the common members of the society–the civilians?

As a news agency saddled with the responsibility of being the voice and adding volume to the voice of the masses, we are left with no choice but to ask this question again: who then can help us fight and end the issue of insecurity in the country? With so much emphasis on if Buhari, who is a retired Military Officer, vast with all the defense skills, cannot help us?

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