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Thursday , January 21 2021
Banky W
Banky W

Singer Banky W reveals firing his chef for stealing as he shares lesson on stewardship

Talented Nigerian singer, Banky W has shared a lesson on stewardship with his fans on social media. To buttress his point, the singer recounted how he fired his chef who had been caught stealing on different occasions

A lot of people have very busy lifestyles and not everybody can cope without domestic staff, hence the on boarding of one.

However, time has shown that trust is the biggest issue employees have with their domestic staff and many of them have taken to social media to share their tales of woe.

Meet the Nigerian doctor in US using Igbo songs to help coronavirus patients (video) Just recently, Nigerian singer, Banky W, shared a lesson with his fans on how being a good steward can advance them in life.

To emphasise his point, the music star recounted how he had to fire his and his wife’s cook who had been caught stealing on different occasions.

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What "Work In Progress" looks like. 🙏🏽❤😁🙌🏽 📸: @theoladayo

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According to Banky, when the cook had been employed initially, his skill was limited as he only knew how to cook some basic dishes. However, the singer and his wife had put in effort to expand his culinary skills by teaching him how to make more fancy meals.

It was with dismay that Banky’s wife noticed that the cook always seemed shifty every time he was going home and one day they told him to open his bag, only to find things he had stolen from the house.

The cook was eventually given another chance after numerous pleadings but he disappointed them again after stealing a tin of Milo, which Banky only discovered because he wanted to make hot chocolate for his wife, Adesua.

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Speaking further, Banky said that he had plans to send the cook to a culinary school for him to expand his skill but that his stealing proved that he was not a good steward and could not be trusted.

The singer then said that it is the same with God and that people have to be good stewards for God to bless them. See the video below.

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