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Oyetola’s Defeat: Who Is To Be Blamed?

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Oyetola’s Defeat: On Saturday 16th of July was a day Osun State will never forget in a hurry. The fact that the election took place in Osun yet shook a larger part of Nigeria is something that we are still in awe of. With the way most parts of the nation were alert to the election, we are not going to be termed ‘hasty generalizers’ if we say here that the 2023 elections will receive due attention, too.

Like it has not been in years, every social media platform was abuzz with the election update. The trending hashtag on Saturday was #OSUNDECIDES, and with this outcome, it seems they decided. But our attention is drawn away from the fact that Ademola Adeleke (Gov. Elect) won an incumbent governor. Our concern is on the fact that PDP received more attention than APC in the just concluded elections. What is worse is despite all the strategies employed.

So, the big question is, who is to be blamed for Oyetola’s defeat? Does this single outcome show that Nigerians are tired of APC already? Or does it mean that PDP is taking over what they lost almost eight years ago? Or should we rather say that the people of OSUN voted for an individual, not a party?

The questions raised are very valid, but we are focusing on the first. It is more like a puzzle that needs to be unraveled. Or maybe it is a matter of research that we cannot conclude using ONE HYPOTHESIS. Regardless, we have a few things to say about it.

First, we can say that Oyetola’s defeat could be a result of the people being tired of APC. With the current state of things in the country under the APC-led administration, it is reasonable for people to switch hands. Yes, it has gotten to a point where power needs to change hands and Osun has taken the lead.

Then, a deviation from the above is the fact that the election was free and fair. It means all the officials–both INEC and security agencies deployed their duty to the best of their abilities. Because it is rare to have an incumbent leader lose to an upcoming one. In most cases, it is either such elections were rigged or it was a fair one.

Again, we won’t be wrong if we stare here that Nigerians are no longer interested in voting for parties for parties but for individuals.

Regardless of which of the postulations we go with, the question the Nigerian electorate must ask, especially those at the helm of affairs, is, who or what is responsible for Oyetola’s defeat in the just concluded elections?

Meanwhile, don’t forget to get your PVCs and campaign for your candidates with all your might. We can’t decide who you vote for but let your conscience and rationality lead you during the forthcoming general elections. Set aside all forms of sentiments and let’s fight for our future as compatriots.

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