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Mother’s Cry: Cancer is now affecting my daughter’s brain. Please help save her.

“Leave me alone,” 12-year-old Amrutha yells at her mother, pushing her away. Her mother, Venkata, cries and holds her tightly until she calms down. “It’s the side effect of her grueling treatment,” she tells.

Amrutha is suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of cancer of blood and bone marrow. The deadly disease has replaced her carefree childhood with miseries.

Venkata recalls the time when her daughter’s disease was first diagnosed

“Back in February, she got a severe fever which didn’t subside for more than two weeks even after having medicines,” Venkata recalls. 

In a state of confusion and panic, the parents took her to the hospital where a series of tests revealed her cancer.

Venkata and Shashi’s world fell apart. They were inconsolable. The doctors told them to start Amrutha’s chemotherapy immediately.

Soon after, Amrutha underwent a couple of sessions of chemotherapy that drained every bit of energy in her body.

Apart from that, it also affected her brain functions- she doesn’t make eye contact with people, gets scared and constantly tries to hide her face.

The parents are shocked. Their healthy and active child is suddenly in such a miserable condition- they hadn’t imagined this even in their worst nightmares.


The doctors have told them that Amrutha needs multiple rounds of chemotherapy to beat her cancer.

“It aches my heart to see my daughter suffering so much. Because of cancer, her life has come to a standstill. It has snatched all her happiness away and left her with immense pain,” Venkata cries.

However now, the parents are struggling to arrange AED 47,368.00 for their daughter’s life-saving treatment. “In the span of months, we have drained every penny we had on her treatment,” Shashi tells.

“I have never felt so powerless in my entire life. I have a private job. With my little income, I have to run my household and even pay off the debts,” he tells.

On the other hand, Amrutha’s disease and the world is being extremely unkind to her. It breaks her parents’ hearts, but they are helpless.

Your generous contributions can help save her life. Please help the poor parents.

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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