August, 16

Improving Working Conditions In Sub-Saharan Africa

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Improving Deplorable Working Conditions In Sub-Saharan Africa: All adults work to cater to one need or the other. It is rare to see adults who don’t work. That is because no matter how you see it, money is always not enough, and that is why even those who have it keep striving so that they can have it.

Legitimately, for one to have money, one must work either in an organization or for oneself. Working for oneself is less stressful compared to working for others. But the truth remains that we all cannot be bosses of our own. For that reason, we work in organizations–for others.

For sub-Saharan Africans, the working conditions are so deplorable. Since employers know that job scarcity is the order of the day, they make use of that opportunity to make life unbearable for their employees. They are so confident in the fact that people will stay regardless of what they face.

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A lot of employees set unreasonable and unrealistic goals which they cannot even meet. They owe workers’ salaries and still expect workers to work, without complaining–for them, employees’ lives depend on them, so they must work.

Workers, especially in the public sector, work under harsh working conditions and nobody cares about them.

There are those employees that never follow what is stated in the appointment letter–especially in the private sector. They can make and alter rules all the days of the month. And the painful aspect of it is that they expect you to always keep quiet and follow through with whatever they give to you.

Both private and public sector employers know the rate of inflation rocking the world as a result of the Russian-Ukraine war. They are not ignorant of the hike in the prices of commodities across the globe, but it is even at this crucial point that they derive pleasure in owing their workers, while others are slashing pay.

The truth is, we might spend the whole time talking about the deplorable working conditions in the country, or should we even say that it is the horrible inhumane ways employers are treated by theirs?

Time might fail us, but as a news agency saddled with the responsibility of being a voice to the voiceless, we are calling on all employers to let their conscience lead them in dealing with their employers. The times are hard already, so let’s stop making it harder for those under us.

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