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Chinese Efforts To Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines Failing

The first significant effort in China to mandate Covid vaccines looks to have failed before it ever got started.

Beijing’s capital city declared on Wednesday that starting on Monday, the majority of people would need to get immunized to visit public spaces like gyms.

According to the government-run local newspaper Beijing Daily, the city took down the mandate’s mention on Thursday.

According to a member of the city’s virus prevention and control office quoted in the newspaper, entering public spaces requires a recent viral test that came back negative. However, the article merely stated that the government representative encouraged people to get vaccinated voluntarily and made no mention of the vaccination obligation.

A Beijing city administration official confirmed the Beijing Daily claim when reached by CNBC. There were no new Covid cases, with or without symptoms, in the capital city on Thursday.

According to a CNBC translation of the Chinese language, the state-run publication claimed it contacted the government agency after the vaccination requirement caused “attention and worries” among municipal residents.

The initial story from Beijing Daily on Wednesday garnered a lot of discussion on WeChat.

The most often asked questions centered on how someone might demonstrate they were not “fit” for Covid vaccines, particularly in challenging circumstances for the elderly or pregnant women. Others enquired as to whether public areas are designated as “social meeting sites” and whether railway stations are included. Others complained that the health code system for Beijing city had issues integrating immunization records from Hong Kong or other nations.

In China, the public can typically only obtain vaccinations developed in China by Sinopharm or Sinovac.

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