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Best free LMS plugins for wordpress (learning management system)
Best free LMS plugins for wordpress (learning management system)

free LMS for wordpress (learning management system)

free LMS for wordpress: Today’s generation is all about online learning. Students learn for e-websites and it is a growing educational industry and here is best free LMS plugins for wordpress (learning management system).

Online education and online courses are a good way to reach out to learners. That’s why we need the best free LMS plugins for WordPress.

WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) plugins allow us to build and run e-learning websites. It makes easy to create course content & lessons. manage them and to sell them.

Following are the top downloaded best free LMS plugins for WordPress (Learning Management System plugins)

Here I have listed the top most downloaded LMS plugins in WordPress. These plugins are great at managing course content & lessons, secures your courses, tracks the progress, handles subscriptions and run quiz questions. Following are the powerful learning management system (LMS) plugins for WordPress:



LearnPress is one of the best free LMS plugins for WordPress that helps to create a learning management system(LMS) website. It is a learning tool to create an educational course and to share the course.

Using this plugin you will be able to create online courses, manage the online courses and sell those online courses. The courses curriculum involves quizzes and lessons. You can also create online school sites, educational sites, online course sites, and other similar sites.

It provides a bunch of free adds-ons such as LearnPress Wishlist, LearnPress Course Review, LearnPress Import/Export, LearnPress Offline Payment, LearnPress BuddyPress Integration, LearnPress Prerequisites Courses and LearnPress Fill in Blanks.

This LearnPress LMS plugin has been translated into 16 different languages. It is made for WordPress themes. Through this plugin, you can communicate with your students. It is a user-friendly plugin.

Features of LearnPress LMS

  • Supports WordPress Multisites
  • Supports Almost all WordPress Themes
  • Communicate with Students(BuddyPress Support)
  • Provides a Bunch of Add-ons
  • Actively Updates and Develops
  • Create a Course
  • Manage Course
  • Sell Course
  • In 16 Different Language
  • Full Documentation

Details/Downloads LearnPress



LifterLMS is an education-based business plugin and it is also one of the best free LMS plugins for WordPress. It is built for WordPress and supports all the well-coded WordPress themes.

The main feature of this plugin is that it protects engaging online courses websites as well as training based membership websites. Plus it creates online courses and sells them online.

This WordPress plugin supports all the popular WordPress page builders such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi and more. It is the all in one solution plugin for creating educational courses and managing them.

LifterLMS is suitable for many individuals and agencies such as freelancers, marketing agencies, publishers, education institutions, governments, enterprise companies, it departments etc.


  • Education-Based Business
  • Create Courses
  • Engage With Your Students
  • Offer MemberShip
  • Integrate With Necessary Tools
  • Secure and Protect Your Content
  • Own and Manage Your Own Platform
  • 19 Different Languages
  • Support

Details/Downloads LifterLMS

Tutor LMS


Tutor LMS is a learning management system(LMS) plugin that helps to build e-learning website. You will be able to create an educational website, online course website and online school websites and more.

Using this plugin you will be able to create challenging quiz questions, detail reports and interactive lessons. It contents all the features that are related to online course management and its market place.

Here, you can easily create an online course and sell the online course. This plugin is far practicable for creating unlimited courses and lessons, video lessons, define course duration, Q&A for students with course teacher, quiz timer, quiz attempts and more.


It is one of the best free LMS plugins for WordPress that is for creating fully functional e-learning WordPress websites. It is a lightweight plugin and that administer, manage and monetize your e-learning website. It is packed with lots of features.


  • 9 Different Languages
  • Lessons & Quizzes Management
  • Teacher Profiles and Panels
  • Intuitive Course Builder
  • Course Widget
  • Course Review and Rating System
  • Course Marketplace
  • Tracking Course Progress
  • RTL Ready
  • Gutenberg Compatible
  • Content Security
  • Page Builder Support

Details/Downloads Tutor LMS

Sensei LMS


Sensei LMS is one of the best free LMS plugins for WordPress that effortlessly integrates with your WordPress websites. Meaning you do not have to code. You can create an online learning website without the knowledge of code.

Here you can create quizzes and lessons for your students. It strengthens students understanding and you can keep track of the progress of your students.

This plugin has been translated into six different languages. You can easily create an e-learning website by using your prefered theme with it.

Like other Learning Management System (LMS) plugins it is heavily used for creating online courses & lessons and to sell them.


  • Quizzes that Acess and Reinforce
  • No Coding Required
  • Seamless WordPress Integration
  • Earn Passive Income
  • 6 Different language
  • Create a Course
  • Manage Course
  • Sell Course

Details/Downloads Sensei LMS

MasterStudy LMS


MasterStudy LMS is one of the best free LMS plugins for WordPress. It is a powerful tool for creating online course and lesson websites.

Here you can create online lessons & courses content, grading quizzes, handle subscriptions, accept payments, running quizzes and more. You can even incorporate videos, images, graphs, additional attachments and slides.

This is a user-friendly plugin. You can easily install and customize it. You can set up a course with course level, skill level, time range, and the number of students.

MasterStudy LMS plugin has a clear, clean and simple design layout that helps to create professional-looking e-learning websites. You can use this plugin with almost every kind of WordPress themes related to e-learning.

Features of MasterStudy LMS

  • Create a Course
  • Developing Lessons
  • Constructing Quizzes
  • Course Duration and Time Range
  • Clean Design
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Manage Course
  • Sells Course

Details/Downloads MasterStudy LMS


LMS plugins are popular nowadays. Many education institutions have started to create e-learning websites for sharing courses with students. It saves time and teachers can track the progress of students on the bases of submitted reports by students.

Thus it concludes the list of the top downloaded best free LMS plugins for WordPress.

You are free to leave a comment and recommend me other learning management system plugins in the comment section below. So, that I can have your response and I will be there to reply.

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