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Bamise And The Untold Stories Of Dismembered Bodies

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The gruesome murder of 22-year-old Bamise Ayanwole still hovers on the rooftop of every major and minor news platform in Nigeria.

The feeling of losing a young, vibrant and hardworking Nigerian youth has left every human heart with a conscience psychologically traumatized.

It reminds us of how much we have lost the collective and universal feeling of humanity that delineates us from animals in the jungles. It further portrays the gory nature of the society we call ‘home’. Home is where we are supposed to be free and safe, but that home has become a market where our humanity is put on sale and our private parts are put on public auction.

For now, Bamise is trending on all social platforms, unfortunately. Her last frantic cry for safety left in her voice notes are being shared on all social media platforms and, as expected, Nigerians are responding with tearful emojis and angry outbursts.

The depraved driver has been arrested and remanded pending charges and the Lagos state government has also responded. The family is crying for justice for beautiful Bamise. The pictures shared on news platforms reveal a young and innocent lady with a future ahead of her. And for those who haven’t read about her gruesome murder, below is a summary.

According to a report published on Vanguard News on March 8, 2022, the lifeless body of 22-year- old Oluwabamise Ayanola, who was declared missing on February 26, 2022, after boarding a Lagos Bus Rapid Transit, BRT, was found at the morgue of the Mainland Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, weekend.

But her private part, according to her family, was chopped off, indicating that she could have been a victim of ritual killing.

The deceased, a fashion designer, was said to have boarded the BRT bus with number plate 240257 from Chevron bus stop to Oshodi, at about 7 p.m, heading to her elder brother’s place at Idimu. But she never got to her destination and could not be reached on her phone until her remains were found.

Fleeing driver of the BRT bus, Andrew Nice, 47, was arrested in his hideout at Ososa, Ogun State, by the Department of State Services. He was, thereafter, handed over to the Police. The suspect who admitted having killed the female passenger was arrested alongside a man that harbored him.

Bamise’s story is just a minute fraction of the many Nigerian youths, especially the girl-child that have fallen prey to these marauding predators who have sold out their souls to Hades all in a bid to make money.

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And while the government has done and is still doing everything within her power to mitigate this menace, there are questions that must be answered.

A Lagos BRT driver and a ritualist?

According to research, the Lagos Bus Rapid Transit System, also known as Lagos BRT, is a bus rapid transit system in Lagos State. It is regulated by LAMATA and currently operated by Primero Transport Services Limited.(Wikipedia)

Lagos BRT is regulated by the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (abbreviated LAMATA) which is a Lagos State Government agency created to coordinate transport planning, policies, and public transport infrastructure implementation in the Lagos Metropolitan Area, Nigeria. Bamise wasn’t murdered in a private vehicle, but in a BRT that’s regulated by the government. How on earth was Mr. Nice a BRT driver who also is a ritualist and a rapist according to a testimony of another passenger employed under a government regulated transport system?

Secondly, when as a nation are we going to have a functional emergency response system? Bamise could have called if there was a system in place but instead, she relied on her phone’s voice note which of course was to a fellow ‘victim’ who couldn’t have done much.

Needless to put forth more instances similar to that of Bamise. You can read up on news platforms these terrible stories we have become accustomed to.

And while we pray for justice for Bamise, we must say that this ritual of killing and dismembering has taken the shape of a hydra. Bamise’s issue is just one out of many and if we are not going to see more as the hydra grows, then the government must do more than just cutting off the rotten branch with the root left unattended to.

For now, all we can say as a news agency is #JusticeforBamise and may she find eternal rest in God’s bosom.

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